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About Charles Seymour

About Charles Seymour - CEO / Founder

Charles Seymour is a graduate of Harvard Business School, where he earned a Master's degree in Economics, Finance, and Financial Management Services between 2013 and 2017. Prior to his studies at Harvard, he attended Trinity School in New York City and was a writer for the Trinity Times. In 2020, he launched CompareBrokers.org, a website dedicated to providing unbiased and independent reviews of online brokers. Charles believes that consumers have the right to unbiased information and has created a rating algorithm that eliminates human bias to help people safely and sensibly compare brokers online. CompareBrokers.org now professionally rates and reviews over 300 brokers, and the team is committed to presenting the truth, regardless of its commercial implications. In addition to running CompareBrokers.org, Charles also consults with people about investing for the future and lives in England with his wife, Kas, and their little dog, Deefa.

Qualifications: Masters Degree in Economics, Finance and Financial Management Services

Direct Email: charles@comparebrokers.org

Life Motto: Do or do not, there is no "Try" - Yoda

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