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we are the top resource for broker reviews and comparisons on financial trading. We have the largest and most accurate independent database of brokers available.

About Us is a website that reviews top Forex brokers, the best online trading platforms and other information. We want to help you make the most of Forex Trading.

You will find many articles, broker reviews, and blog entries on our portal that cover every aspect of Forex trading. We started out as a group made up of experienced financial professionals who shared a passion for Forex trading. Now, we are one of the most popular sites to compare brokers online. We have grown to be more than a website over the years. Our traders have made their lives easier with our help.

Join us and you will be informed of all the happenings in Forex trading. We review the Best online Forex brokers regularly to ensure they provide the best service and offer our customers the best Forex market offers.

Why Compare Brokers Online? believes in providing the best service possible. We will provide all the latest and most accurate information about Forex trading. Compare Brokers can help you find the best Forex Brokerage for you. These are the reasons we are the best choice on the market.

About The Compare Brokers Team

We have a dedicated team that includes financial experts with more than 20 years of experience in trading Forex and monitoring financial markets. This ensures that you receive the most current information about all things financial around the world.

We have reviewed and analysed over 350 Forex brokers using thousands of data points. We have seen it all, from the top Forex Brokers that provide excellent service to their clients to the most unreputable scammers who prey on novice traders to steal their money. Our goal with Compare Brokers was to make Forex trading accessible to all traders and to provide security for novice traders as they embark on their Forex trading journeys. You can be confident that our knowledge and proprietary rating system will help you launch your trading career and reach any goal you set.

How We Do Broker Reviews

To provide the best analysis and allow you to compare Forex Brokers fairly we use a proprietary rating system made up from a wide range of data points. This removes any human bias from our reviews and allows you to trust and make informed decisions when comparing brokers online. We review aspects such as number of clients, when a broker was founded, what payment options they offer, who they are regulated by, trading software, and many many more.

We are experienced forex traders and have experienced all the different brokerages on the market. Each has its own approach to trading, client work, bonuses, etc. You will quickly find the best Forex broker for you by reading our reviews and you can trust that the rating the broker has received is unbiased and based on allowing you to find the best forex broker for your needs.

How We Work With Traders

Compare Brokers helps traders from their very beginning to become top Forex traders. We all have had our own experiences when we first started Forex trading. Each of us knows how daunting it can be for beginners to be bombarded with new terms, graphs, and charts that you've never heard of. We set a goal to help others avoid the difficult start to Forex trading. You can gain experience in the industry by reading our guides, educational articles and news coverage. This will help you reach your goals.

Watching Out For Forex Scams

Forex trading is lucrative, but there are risks. There is always a chance of losing a lot of money. Scammers prey on inexperienced traders by using all possible tricks to fool those who don't have any experience dealing with Forex scammers. While some are easy to identify, others go great lengths to look near-indistinguishable from legitimate and professional brokers. We are here to help.

Our experts have years of experience and can analyze brokerages for suspicious activity to ensure that only honest brokers are allowed to enter our eyes. Our reviews are updated regularly. We re-check verified brokerages to make sure they have not changed their honest behavior or started engaging in shady activity. Compare Brokers will alert you to any potential dangers.

Who are Compare Brokers?

Compare Brokers is a group of passionate Forex traders with many years of experience. This is what brought us all together: our passion for the industry and our drive to help others.

All of us were beginners at one time. We came to Forex because we wanted to succeed and curiosity drove us. However, we didn't know how the market worked and felt confused about most of the information that we found. All of us wondered: Which broker should I choose? Which broker should I trust? What do each of these terms mean? These are all questions you're probably asking right now.

We didn't have a guide to help us navigate our difficult journey of learning Forex trading. All the nuances, dangers, and scams that came with it. We have learned from both our successes and our failures and that is what brought us together. To help other traders, we use our knowledge to guide you, advise you, and clarify any questions you may have. We are here to help you, no matter what your goals in Forex trading.

Compare Brokers' goal is to offer first-hand, premium-quality information and broker reviews about Forex markets to anyone who wants to begin their trading career. You can be sure to find the best Forex broker for you by reading our reviews. This is undoubtedly the most important step towards a profitable trading experience.

Forex trading can be difficult to understand, as we know from experience. Many traders struggle to grasp the basic concepts. Our in-house experts have created clear guides that are easy to follow for beginners. They cover everything you need to trade, including bonus systems and the most complicated Forex mechanisms. These guides will help you to increase your knowledge and be able to compete with the best brokers.

The Forex market is always changing. New technologies, brokers, bonuses, regulations and markets are constantly emerging. We are always learning, and we gain new insight and experience, so we can offer you the best information. We monitor Forex brokers on our site to ensure they are performing well towards traders. If necessary, we will report any changes.